QO-100 Weather Protection
QO-100 Weather Protection for POTY antenna / LNB
From my investigation, I saw some solutions with HT pipe material. On the pictures below, you will find my first solution with additional teflon foil to close the front.
First Solution - With 110mm HT pipe
Standard cover / cap for HT DN110 with holes for POTY pipe and antenna port.
Due to too small diameter, I saw some slits into the outer pipe to allow assembly of POTY antenna into the cap.
Use of the half of double fitting pipe as outer housing.
Add 0.3mm teflon foil plus standard sealing ring to fix the foil as top cover for the POTY housing.
Measurement results: Due to the loss of 3dB…6dB transmission power, I decided to use a different solution!
Antenna details Lower Beacon RTTY TX HT housing + teflon foil -78dBm -87dBm HT housing + without teflon foil -77dBm -84dBm Without everything -77dBm -81dBm
From first solution, I saw a high attenuation of transmission power by 6dB. I had some QSOs and find a new solution from DH1NAS, Franz- Josef. He used this solution already several times for other OMs / friends QO-100 station. Used coleslaw from Rewe 400g (for front side) and ALDI 750g (for rear side). See pictures below:
Second Solution - With coleslaw housings
POTY Antenna in the new housing. On the rear side I added some pieces of double sided foam tape (Sanojtape 25mm) to fix the Poty with the new coleslaw housing. Additional sealing done with cellphone multi-purpose adhesives B-7000 glue.
Final setup with coleslaw housings.
This solution has a loss of ~1dB only !