Rhode & Schwarz FK310H1 RemoteControl
Remote Control Rhode & Schwarz FK310H1 Antenna Tuner / Antennentuner:
Base unit of AntennaTuner from Rhode & Schwarz, 1kW RF-Station german military (Bundswehr) in the 1970’s.
External / Internal view of AntennaTuner:
Top view of AntennaTuner with 61pin connector for control of internal relays to switch condensators / coils plus additional control lines for magnitude/phase detection (currently not used) plus supply lines. The N connectors are RF input and measurement port.
Internal view of AntennaTuner. All elements swichted with vacuum relays and high quality elements are used.
PCB Layout creation and final PCB
Not all 61 pins used for my project setup. 40 output lines used for FK310 and additional 8 lines used for spare. These are used later for different antenna lines (35m / 24m Inv-L and GP selection…
Homebrew MicroController project to control the 6x8 = 48 relays
Used Cadsoft Eagle program to create PCB layout and build professional build done by Beta Layout GmbH (PCB Pool) for about 230€ for 3 boards (size 196 x 140mm, good build quality, ICT checked PCB lines and vias.
Buildup PCB with parts
Starting with the Renesas 78K0R 16bit microcontroller soldering… Had high respect due to the 100pin LQFP package (14x14mm) with fine pitch (0.5mm). I managed the stuff with a steady hand, microscope, fluxer, desoldering and a very thin solder iron.
Buildup Housing with cable throughputs to FK310
I decided to use a aluminium molded housing with good RF shielding. Due to the fact, that I had to use a 48pin connector cable to the FK310, I decided to use separate cables for all the 6 ports, instead of a thick and expensive cable. I used 10x0,34 qmm shielded TRONIC-CY LiY-CY PVC cable.
First check of Remote Operation / Function and test of AntennaTuner / Repair
During test of all components the L7 relay / switch was defect. The vacuum relay contact was defect. I had to open the antenna tuner very carefully, but everything was prepared for easy maintainance. Be careful with the two connection line to the bigger coils, they need to removed from endpoint connection.
Above you can see the repaired part. Below and below left the inner shielded control lines of nearly all relays.
I loved the cable tree installation and also the special lightning protection unit rated for 11kV placed at Antenna port.
Part 1