QO-100 BLC2425M10LS250 PA
Homebrewed WB-PA with BLC2425M10LS250
Base block of power amplifier with Ampleon BLC2425M10LS250
DATV Station View: Down right my final construction of WB-PA Housing and big heatsink of 0,05K/W with control knobs, LEDs and Cross- Needle Wattmeter. Homebrew MiniTiouner Pro V2 with I2C display. Enhanced ELAD E-Tiouner ATV RX-SAT with display. SG-LABS V3 Driver PA.
Rear view WB-PA with silent Noctua 80mm fans and IO control plug for external LNA and CAN bus interface to Windows RemoteControl application.
Internal placement of main devices: - PA block - Input, FWD + REF power directional couplers for live power metering with AD8313 logarithmic detectors - Homebrewed Arduino Due ControlBoard Shield
Fully installed PA with additional - Voltage Converters 30V (PA Block domain) 19V (FAN domain) 12V (Standard domain) 5V (MicroController domain)
Homebrewed Arduino Due ControlBoard Shield - ADC input readings - PWM output for fans, Cross-Needle meter - GPIOs for additional external PTTs e.g. LNA, Driver PA, … - GPIOs for LEDs and Switches - CAN Bus
Arduino Due MainBoard
Thermal camera picture of hotest element inside power amplifier after high power testing after 35min 1000KS DATV transmission. RG-401 (0.25” semi-regid cable) is the perfect choice. All other cables e.g. RG-402 and also Hyperflex-13 runs hot. Recommended are also expensive and new N-connectors! No time for compromise.
This is one of my homebrewed application programs in the Flexradio look. First time, that I try to simulated some LEDs. Active readings and support of other system scenarios e.g. NB operation with Transverter (XVTR) or SDR Console program.
Second display with more details about the high accuracy readings from the WB-PA supply voltage domains plus additional internal states.
Solide constructed PA module from F4VSG with big and thick cupper base plate and low temperature soldered device. Thank you Robert for very good work! PCB is equal to reference design. Lower right you can see the simple bias circuit driven with separate 12V power supply switched by PTT.
Characteristic curves of: - Supply Voltage (Ub) - Supply Current (I) - DC Input Power - RF Output Power - Efficiency As you can see, an amplifier with a very good efficiency (>60%) or in other words much lower DC power consumption as typical UMTS PA trimmed for 2.4GHz.
QO-100 full band coverage Full power output of 200W, all modes, key down use of Ampleon BLC2425M10LS250Z, goldplated ROGERS PCB, 10mm heavy solid cupper plate with directly soldered Power-FET on it; PA module constructed / build by Robert, F4VSG One PowerSupply (Umax. 32V), Speakon NL2FX supply jack Big Heatsink 37x24x8cm, total PA weight 17kg Arduino Due microcontroller board with PA control board shield build the smart part of PA. Fast 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU with 84MHz clock, real-time OS, failsafe and customized functions supervise and control the PA operation High resolution real-time measurements - Average/Peak Forward Power - Average/Peak Reflected Power - Average/Peak Input Power - PA block temperature - PA block voltage / current / power consumption - 12V domain voltage / current / power consumption - 5V domain voltage / current / power consumption 3x high power directional couplers used with attenuators and logarithmic detector circuit Analog Device AD8313 for high accuracy RF power measurements Narrow 6 pole bandpass filter for 2.4 GHz Low Loss / High Power rated 0.25“ semirigid coax cable RG-401 with high quality Amphenol 172139 Nconnectors in the output path PWM controlled fans with speed measurement for 3x external 80mm FANs plus 1x internal 60mm FAN Smart control cooling - Silent Fan Usage - temperature controlled - transmit controlled - post-off cool down feature Multi Signal Metering - Power measurements - Temperature measurements - DC power measurements Big 3,1“ analogue cross-needle meter for multi signel metering Ultrafast SWR protection Overdrive / Overvoltage / Overcurrent protection SW supervision with internal watchdog PTT input (configurable level, inverted or not) PTT standard output for other devices (e.g. driver PA) 5V / 12V external LNA control 5 user Inputs for - PA ON, PA STBY, PA METER, ControlBoard Reset 5 user state LEDs for indication of - PA ON, PA TX, PA STBY, Temperature warning, ERR condition External PowerSupply quick view Voltage / Ampere meter Virtual COM port via USB 2.0 allows software updates and debugging features Remote Control support - via robust CAN bus interface Windows desktop application for remote control - Display all measurement data - PA internal / external states - remote control of PA user inputs with priority - one air / transmit active timer - PA gain (high frequency / DC)
WB-PA housing / internal views
DH1RK WB-PA FeatureList