QO-100 BLD6G22L-150BN
Internal View of PA-PCB
Up: Internal view of PA with modified input, sample and output (clockwise direction) Left: My first modified UMTS PA setup. Frontview with simple voltage and current metering and one fan.
Rear view with temperature controlled fans.
First LNA with SPB2026Z. Be careful not to destroy this stage just by power supply switching. I removed this stage, because it was to sensitive and replaced the LNA with a BT-200 LNA (21dB, incl. TSS- 53LNB+) driven by PTT.
Driver Stage with BLF6G22L-40BN
Final Stage with 2x BLD6G22L-150BN Check the modification of replacement resistors for 28V supply chain. Overcome inrush current for supply condensators.
Driver Stage modification. Also replacement to overcome inrush current for supply condensators due to power supply line switching.
Bypassing first LNA stage and replacement with external BU- 200 LNA with same gain, but with the possibility to control the stage with PTT. Additional C-area for better matching to Driver Stage.
Nearly out of brain circuit for power amplifier. Not nice, but free, minimalistic and fully functional!
Replacement of SMA output connector. More robust for power handling and mechanical fixture.