QO-100 Station Overview
QO-100 Station Setup / Overview
On the following pages I will show you my steps to build-up the QO-100 Satellite station.
QO-100 Station Overview
2.4GHz Dish Gain - Calculation
QO-100 Total Path Loss @ 2.4GHz / Initial Estimation
Setup Dish to BADR satellites @26.0E
Calculated gain is ~24dBi @2.4GHz. Dish rated for 39dBi @ 10GHz.
Total path loss of ~132dB @ 2.4GHz. -108dbm should be enough to be heard…
Initial adjustment of satellite dish to BADR 4,5,6 was not so easy. I had a cheap satellite finder tool, but was not able to use it for peak detection for BADR satellites. Workaround, find Astra 3B @ 23,5° E and Astra 2E/F/G (Eutelsat) @ 28,2° E and make a marker on the mast. Afterwards, use of “Mid position” and checked the BADR reception, slightly turn a little bit more for Es’Heil 2. For details on dish positioning check Link list: https://satlex.de/de/azel_calc.html
Reception of TV Bahrain broadcast. You see Sheikh Faisal bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain.
ES’hail official linkbudget
I found later official design specification of the link budget of QO-100. As you can see 24dBi antenna gain with 10W shall give a signal / noise ratio of 22dB…